Friday, 19 July 2013

In need of a little TLC

Hubby and I took a random day off work on Monday to just hang out and enjoy a long weekend. At lunchtime we decided that it was really hot (we've been having a heatwave here for a couple of weeks) and that we wanted to go and cool down. So off to the cinema we went to see Monsters University. Brilliant fun and a completely empty cinema meant we could sit wherever we wanted.
On our way back we went past a second hand furniture shop and noticed this little gem in the window. Hubby convinced me it would be perfect for all my sewing bits and pieces in our living room and would only take a little bit of love and a new coat of varnish.

He was right and it does look beautiful. Hopefully this weekend I will manage to sand it back and re-varnish.
(Please note it doesn't have a missing handle- hubby pulled it off when inspecting but it is safe and sound)

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