Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Clearing up!

I decided a couple of week's ago that my sewing space wasn't working for me. I use our spare bedroom but when we have guests would love everything to be packed away and for everything to have a home.
I discussed with hubby and we decided that I needed more storage space, some shelves and a new desk. I looked online and found a great desk which would fold flat against the wall and we went straight out to the hardwear store for some shelves and baskets etc.
All was going so well until the drill came out. Hubby drilled the first hole and all the plaster started to fall away. Then he drilled another hole and the same happened. He eventually managed to get some screws into the massive holes he had created and get the shelf bracket up, but it fell out straight away. The holes couldn't even hold the weight of the brackets let alone the shelves or anything on them. I was hugely disappointed as I realised that not only could I not have the shelves, the desk was also out of the picture, as it screwed into the wall.
After much disappointment, I had a great idea. My old desk would have worked fine with a few tweaks and would quite happily hold a very large cutting mat. Off I went to my local craft shop and bought myself a new mat. I wanted all of my rulers and my rotary cutter to hand so I put loads of hooks on the wall and hung them all up. I have a small basket on the side for my on the go bits and pieces which my laptop sits on nicely out of the way. All was looking good...

I put a quilt on our sofa bed which was made by my mother-in-law (GORGEOUS!!) which ties the two ends of the room together, but I had a small space behind my desk which was missing something.

Then discussing with my mum over the weekend, she told me that she had a sewing cabinet at my Grandad's house, which he would be needing to get rid of before he moves into a smaller house and would I like it (DUH!). It belonged to my great-grandmother originally and is a bit bashed up but fits like a glove in my little room-and Max still has room for his bed! It will need a bit of fixing up but I have plans for that (more later...)

Now all I need to do is get sewing =)