Sunday, 20 January 2013

The perfect Sunday night

I have had a crazy week at work and barely a second to breathe, but I can sit down this evening and relax finally.
Hubby had planned the perfect evening...

Cuddles with this monster in front of the fire...

Lots of this...

And maybe even a chapter or two of this...

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday night x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

In my hoop tonight

I am working very hard at my focus projects and enjoying them.

It is nice to work on a project while picturing exactly where it will belong in the house.

As our house is teeny tiny we don't have a lot of wall space but I love to display my work around. Why pay for something mass-produced when I can make something individual and meaningful?

I started working on Leanne's House 'Sew, Laugh, Love' last year and now I have had a move around in my study, I have a small gap where this would hang perfectly. I have put it in my focus box and am working away on it while watching tv in the evenings. Just an hour a day makes me feel happier and is making progress

Sunday, 13 January 2013

A little focus needed

I'm sure it is common that most quilters find they have piles and piles of quilts waiting to be finished and I am no different.

My quilting stocks are overwhelmed with pieces that I can't use because part of them is needed in a part finished project. Therefore this year instead of making a New Year resolution, I decided that I needed to focus a bit more on each project and get it finished.

The rules in my house are now... one embroidery project and one quilting project on the go at any one time. Everything else gets packed away.

Hopefully this will lead to me enjoying some more finishes this year.

I started my resolution off last weekend with 2 cushions which were part made for my sewing room sofa. I don't love this sofa at all and am also part way through a wall hanging to brighten up the room and it needed some more colour.

I am pleased to say that after an afternoon of concentrated sewing the cushions were done and stuffed and I am thrilled with them.

My next project is the wall hanging above on the wall above

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Where did December go?

I'm not sure what happened to December, but I know it whizzed past in a flash.

We had our windows replaced in our house on the 17th, so Christmas was short and sweet this year. No decorations up until the guys had finished, so our tree had to wait until the 22nd to go up. I hadn't appreciated how few trees are left by then, but luckily we managed a little beauty. It was only 5ft tall and most of that was the top spike, but some fairy lights and baubles later it looked gorgeous.

I had put it up while hubby was at work and had it all ready twinkling in the window when he got home. He was a very happy man as it was a complete surprise to have a tree this year. We then went ice skating in our local park-so much fun!

We had a very relaxed Christmas day at my parent's house, and then went to my in-laws family for the weekend before New Year.

The New Year brought colds and illness to our house and I was asleep at 9:30pm (such a rock-star). Hubby woke me up to see the fireworks and then I went back to bed.

There are many exciting things in the plans for 2013, but more of that to come =)