Sunday, 26 June 2011

No more fabric!

A huge decision has been made in my house this weekend-I will not be buying any more fabric for a year and I will have to make do with what I have.
After cleaning out and trying to sort through my sewing cupboard this weekend I was really shocked at the amount of projects I have on the go and fabric for planned projects which have not yet been started.
As I am still new to quilting this was a huge surprise especially as I know that I have at least two boxes of fabrics in the loft in storage from when we moved house.
As a gesture of the way to carry on today I camped out in my sewing room to play with a couple of brightly coloured strip rolls which I received a few years ago for Christmas. I had always thought about doing a log cabin design, but as I had never done one before I didn't want to do one as a gift.
It has been a long which since I have sewed at my machine for a project which was not a present for someone, and the hours whizzed past and I loved it.

Although not much progress was made I did get 5 finished blocks out of it, which I love so I will carry on until it is finished. I think I need to border around the blocks with a plain black to make the colours pop out a little more, but I am sure I have some up in my stash.
I am almost finished with my Redwork Village stitchery and I have just found a gorgeous stitchery pattern online for a Chinese pagoda, so I think that I will have to make a bag to take my sewing in when we visit China later this year. Very exciting to be getting ready- we had our injections on Friday and all we need now is our Visas. I have never been that far away from home before so a little nervous, but mostly that there is such a huge language barrier.
I have just been offered the chance to watch a chickflick, so I had better go and snap it up before the chance disappears.

Friday, 3 June 2011

A little treat (for me)

I am super excited because I have just ordered issue 3 of Vignette, the gorgeous magazine from Leanne Beasley. Hopefully it will arrive after my exams finish on Tuesday so that I can start working on something immediately. I have ordered both of the previous issues and I love to sit and study it with a cup of coffee on a quiet afternoon. Such luxury!!

Back to study but hopefully back soon with some pictures of work in progress...