Monday, 9 July 2012

Still here and busy =)

Needless to say with a 4 month old puppy our house is chaos at the moment. We can barely turn our backs without Max getting into mischief, but he is so adorable that it is impossible to be cross for long. He is a diva when the camera comes out and I only normally manage to get a flash of his black and white fur. This is one of the few photos where he was lying still- I think a spider caught his attention and distracted him.

We have decided to update our computer system in our house, as we now spend all our time downstairs (Max is strictly a downstairs dog) so we are in the midst of changing round and setting up =(. I hate changing systems so it will be interesting to see how we get on.

The sewing machine has been surprisingly busy though, with three quilt tops and a couple of stitcheries finished. These are the photos from my phone-more to follow when I can connect up my camera to the computer properly.

I made this quilt for a friends baby and loved it so much I decided I needed one for myself. This is my one half sewn. It is now waiting for basting and quilting.
For last month's sew-in Sunday on Connected Threadz I dived into my stash and pulled out a pile of Christmas fabrics. These have been in there since I first started quilting and I have held out cutting into them, but I bit the bullet and cut away. I'm really pleased with this and can't wait until we can get it out at Christmas. (apologies for the rubbish photo)

I am also attempting to make quilts for my family's Christmas presents this year (it seemed like such a good idea in January) so those are now going to be my focus projects. I have decided that I don't work well flitting between all of my fabric stash, so I must finish a project before I start on the next. It is working and I am managing to clear my stash out successfully. Let's see if I can be as strong when i'm at the Festival of Quilts next month.