Sunday, 13 January 2013

A little focus needed

I'm sure it is common that most quilters find they have piles and piles of quilts waiting to be finished and I am no different.

My quilting stocks are overwhelmed with pieces that I can't use because part of them is needed in a part finished project. Therefore this year instead of making a New Year resolution, I decided that I needed to focus a bit more on each project and get it finished.

The rules in my house are now... one embroidery project and one quilting project on the go at any one time. Everything else gets packed away.

Hopefully this will lead to me enjoying some more finishes this year.

I started my resolution off last weekend with 2 cushions which were part made for my sewing room sofa. I don't love this sofa at all and am also part way through a wall hanging to brighten up the room and it needed some more colour.

I am pleased to say that after an afternoon of concentrated sewing the cushions were done and stuffed and I am thrilled with them.

My next project is the wall hanging above on the wall above

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