Sunday, 9 October 2011

A great day was had by all :)

Yesterday was the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra palace in London which I went to with my mum. We have been before and this is by far one of my favourite exhibitions. It has such a beautiful setting and the exhibitors are so friendly and helpful.

Needless to say we both came home with bags of new projects (and I did break my rule about buying fabric) but it was so lovely to get caught up in the day.
I'm not a knitter but I was so tempted by all of the beautiful yarns and the fabrics and projects could have kept me going for many many years.
And then afterwards we sat down as a family to lasagne (my favourite) and then mahjong which I learnt to play when we were in China. Now the whole family is hooked and I hope that it can become something we can do more often. We don't often sit around the table as a family and it was so enjoyable. Hopefully soon my brother will return from his travelling in Australia and we can be a proper (complete) family as we definitely all missed him being there.
Such a lovely day and I was quite sad to go to bed last night knowing it was over.

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