Tuesday, 27 September 2011


We have just got home from the most amazing trip ever!!
Hubby and I ventured to China for a 2 week sightseeing tour which was absolutely fantastic (although shattering)
We had a few days in Beijing, Shanghai and then onto Wuhan for a 3 day cruise down the Yangtze River. Then onto Xi'an to see the Terracota Warriors and then back to Beijing to see the Great Wall.
It was the most fantastic experience ever and I loved every minute of it.
Not much sewing was done (despite my cute little bag I made) but I think that was a sign of a good trip.
So much to talk about and show, but I will just give you a hint of a few of the photos.

This trip was so overwhelming in the sights, sounds and smells. Everything was so foreign, but not in an unpleasant way. I would recommend everyone to visit China as it is such a beautiful country with lovely people and we could not have had a warmer reception everywhere we visited.
And of course, we couldn't miss seeing the pandas while we were away. We had a couple of hours at Chongqing zoo which is the homeland for pandas. Zoo is really the wrong word as it is more like a garden with a few animals tucked around, and despite not normally enjoying zoos very much, I really felt sad to leave Chongqing with its peaceful surroundings.
Now we have to pick where to visit next year... any suggestions?

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